Chronicling the life and times of a (just!) 30-year-old psoriasis-sufferer and general stress-bunny as she follows a meandering path to health and happiness. After handing over thousands of euro for a variety of lotions, potions and pills over the years, I have finally realised that it’s my lifestyle that needs to be cleaned out rather than my bank balance and that all the drugs in the world won’t help when one starts the day with a pain au chocolate and a latte*.

So having successfully detoxed a number of times to see my psoriasis, cellulite and low-energy levels melt away before then lapsing and imbibing my body weight in chocolate and coffee, I’ve committed to a five-day detox in the wilds of the west of Ireland and I’m hoping that this will be the kickstart I need to make some changes for good. AND be still able to have the odd glass of prosecco … or five.

As a late-comer to the idea that you are what you eat, I’d love to hear if anyone else has had any success by overhauling their lifestyle so please feel free to comment and inspire me!

* Not that it seems to affect the French, the moderate feckers.


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