Thursday gets under way with a trip to a fabulous country market in Westport. It’s quite small but definitely one of the best markets I’ve ever been to with locally grown organic veg rubbing shoulders with gorgeous flowers in bunches and posies and award-winning jams and cheeses. After being entreated to taste some relishes I have to tell the guy behind the stall that we’re doing the detox up at Cloona. We should really have nil-by-mouth tags for the occasion…

Back to the house for wheatgrass and juice (I now hate cucumber juice, although the people having the two oranges and grapefruit seem to really, really hate their breakfast so it’s all relative I spose) and by the time yoga starts my stomach is feeling a bit dodgy. After a rather subdued lunch I have to leg it to the bathroom and I’m even starting to sweat a bit. Nice. I figure it’s part of the aftermath of the intestinal flush yesterday but Dhara doesn’t seem to think it is and says that maybe I have a bug. Yikes. Off to bed with me for the afternoon while the others head off for their hike. After three hours’ sleep, I’m feeling well enough to go for the sauna and massage so hopefully it was just a little hiccup and I’m not going to take everyone out with some mystery ailment.

The psoriasis, which had been driving me mad yesterday, has also started to ease a bit which is great. Dhara confirms that any detox will bring about a worsening of a condition like that before it gets better which is a relief. Can’t believe that the week is nearly over already. After a bit of a chat and a sing-song – the massage therapist couldn’t get over it: “you’d think ye were on brandy, not a detox 🙂 – it’s bedtime.