Wake at the ungodly hour of 7 o’clock for an optional practice called shankaprakshana, a sort of yogic colonic irrigation. This involved drinking two glasses of warm salty water on an empty stomach and then doing a series of five yoga postures or asanas eight times. The water step and asanas are repeated twice so by the end of it, you’ve taken six glasses of the warm salty water. The postures are designed to squeeze the water into the large intestine rather than the bladder. Sound appealing?! Most of us actually find it brilliant (if a little yuck) although a couple of people don’t notice any difference afterwards. This can be done at home too and it’s something I definitely would be interested in doing again as you can really feel that it’s working its, eh, magic.

After this it was wheatgrass time, but I can’t face water today so I skip that part. Today is to be an all-juice fast so I am treated to a glass of apple juice diluted with water for breakfast.

The yoga session is really gently to allow for the fact that most of us did the flush and really enjoyable again. I am particularly loving the breathing exercises which seem like they would be really easy to incorporate into real life. I say that now though …Lunch is two large glasses of celery, apple, cucumber and ginger juice which although quite delicious doesn’t exactly hit the spot.

A beach hike is again on the gently side and we are blessed with another gorgeous day for it. Today we are told to focus on the lower back as well as the shoulders, hips and feet. Towards the end of the walk I can feel hunger creeping up on me, and by the time we get back I am ravenous.

Two glasses of water and a berry tea take the edge off somewhat. As it’s the first time I’m really hungry, it’s not bad going and as Dhara said it’s more because my body is used to getting a lot of bulk than that it’s not getting what it needs. Apparently on a juice fast, we actually take in about 100 times more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than on a normal day of gorging!

To distract myself I go for a facial which is just fab and the girl doing it is just so lovely to talk to. She’s all into alternative health and says that she gets the feeling that my psoriasis is a lot to do with stress or as she says that the tension in my head is bubbling up into my scalp, which I find really interesting. She says she knows a guy who is an alternative practitioner and promises to email him to see what he thinks might be going on and if he could recommend anything.

From there it’s into the sauna and shower which has become more and more enjoyable every night and in for a super massage. Sit around with the rest of the group for a bit of a chat (yes, about food) and with my stomach rumbling, I head off to bed at about half nine.