Wake up reluctantly at half eight after a fitful night’s sleep with really vivid dreams and nightmares. After the water-wheatgrass-cucumber juice ritual, I actually don’t have the energy to sit around chatting so I take myself up to the room for a 30-minute snooze. When the alarm goes off I seriously contemplate skipping yoga but I enjoyed it so much yesterday that I force myself to get up. I also would have felt like a total wimp as some of the women doing it are twice my age and they’re skipping around the place.

Anyway, the yoga is marvellous again and although I was really cold at the end of it (a side-affect of the detoxing maybe?) I feel much more energised and awake.

A delicious lunch of spinach soup (really!) and an assortment of salads and sprouts is once again wolfed down gratefully. Today Dhara’s niece Isabel gives the instructions and leads the walk, telling us that as well as focusing on the loose shoulders and swinging hips, to pay attention to our feet really springing upwards from our heels. I find focusing on the body much easier than yesterday and gallop off ahead again (you’re very much encouraged to walk at your own pace so I wasn’t being totally rude!) and really, really enjoy the walk. The fact that the sun was blazing down instead of the torrential rain of yesterday may have helped somewhat …

In the free time of the afternoon, I take myself off to the nearest beach at the foot of Croagh Patrick with lofty ideas about swimming that the Atlantic “breeze” soon puts paid to. So I just sit for a while reading before heading back to Cloona for a herbal tea and a good old natter with some of the others. Every conversation for the week seems to turn to food, no matter how it starts out 🙂

After a bit of a snooze it’s dinner time and tonight I get a fruit plate with a banana, two golden kiwis, which I never saw before, an apple and six prunes, which I dutifully chomped down.

The sauna is fantastic again but afterwards when waiting for my massage, my scalp gets unbearably itchy. Later on I notice that two dormant patches on my face have gotten red and raised. I guess it’s just getting worse as the toxins are flushed out – hopefully!