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So it’s almost D-Day and I thought I’d take a few pictures so I can see if there’s much of a difference after a week of detoxing, yoga and hiking. I’m a size 8-10 and my weight never goes up or down too much but my extended tummy and cellulite tell their own story. I always thought I was really lucky that I don’t put on weight easily but I can see now that my body disposes of toxins in a different way ie dumping them through my poor skin, and particularly my scalp which, for the last 10 years, has been cracked and peeling and itchy and sore. All the time. This is at best annoying and at worst really sore and embarrassing. Like when i started a new job and got an outbreak on my face. Lovely 🙂

The psoriasis is quite red, itchy and inflamed at the moment. My internet forays have led me to believe that the itching is caused by some kind of infection – perhaps yeast (how charming!) – so at the very least I would hope that this should ease up fairly quickly. Fingers crossed. Whether the actual plaques start to clear up remains to be seen…

I’ve also taken some body measurements so I can see if there’s any difference afterwards. My waist is 31 inches and my hips are 34 so according to an interweb waist-to-hip ratio, I have a .91 ration and am therefore high risk. Pah. The circumference of my thigh is 20 inches. I am weighing in (in the red corner!) at 9 stone 7lb.

Aside from my skin and the dangerous ratio thingy, my main hope is to get my energy levels up. As a shift-worker of sorts, I have the luxury of lying in in the morning if I so choose and these days I find it nigh on impossible to extract myself from the leaba. And when I do get up I’m tired and cranky and generally fuzzy-brained. Any improvements in this would be magnifique.

* Update: Friday, August 10th, 19.53: My weight is actually 9 stone 5 lbs as I appear to have lost two pounds overnight. Virtuous pre-detox thoughts perhaps?